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Hire a Nanny Housekeeper

A Nanny Housekeeper is an experienced nanny who also has good cooking and home management skills plus the flexibility to manage the home and housekeeping - this role usually works best with children of school age.

The role of a Nanny Housekeeper:
As well as the fulfilling the role of a Nanny their duties also include all family washing and ironing, running errands, grocery shopping, changing bed linen, cleaning and generally running the home in the parents' absence.

Nanny Housekeeper hours:
A Nanny Housekeeper will typically work an average of 6 hours a day - often taking care of the household duties prior to collecting the children from school and then carrying out a more child focused role after the school-run and during the school holidays.

Cost considerations:
As the employer of your Nanny Housekeeper, you are responsible for their tax and national insurance contributions on top of the net amount they take home. Our Nanny Tax section provides excellent information on these issues.

Benefits of employing a Nanny Housekeeper:
This role offers great flexibility to working parents with school age children. A Nanny Housekeeper often works less hours during term time and their hours can then be increased during school holidays when the role becomes more child focused. A Nanny Housekeeper is often a nanny who has their own home and understands how to carry out household tasks.

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